Ah yes, the testimonials.

Here are the words of some folks who have seen the Yes Tubes light (some names have been changed to protect them from reprisals from the No Tubes cabal).

Feedback received via the 'net.

"OK, OK. I hate to say it but I've been a victim of Stan's now too. They're great while they hold air, but as soon as that bubble bursts (pun intended) it's a serious PIA (yes, I said serious too - and I don't really like to be serious).

The handling at lower pressure was nice, but then when the pressure gets down around zero the handling really goes downhill (or doesn't when you wish it would). [Matt, somewhere in Colorado]

"This is great. I HAVE been living in Stan's "no-tubes hell" -- cost me 30 minutes on my lap time, and a brand new tire at SnowShoe 3 weeks ago.

So I shelled out the 65 bucks and got myself a kit and installed it and have been having nothing but problems with it since then. I hate no-tubes. I'll never race with them again after my suck-ass laps at SnowShoe" ["ERX" location unknown]

"I f'ing hate No Tubes. They could be more aptly marketed as: You're a Tube, No Air, Need More Air, More Pump or Pump 'a Chump, etc. I specifically removed them before my FFTF trip so that I did not have to bear the pain Jed so well evidenced. Flatted but once.

I spent $60 on the kit with s/h, an hour of my time drilling, soaping, installing kit and 5 minutes ripping it all apart and putting my Salsa "light" tubes back in. Oh yeah, I dropped another $125 on a (crappy) compressor at Home Depot just to install them. I may just wrap a piece of poo in my worthless rim strips, light on fire and ding-dong-ditch Senor Stan when next in his environs." [Sean, currently in witness protection program due to his Stan's comments] NOTE: these "Salsa" things he refers to are cheap knock-offs of Oliver's Yes Tubes.