Oathill backcountry penetration.


Sunday morning, 5:10 am, my alarm is blaring. Who is the ashole who decided to meet at 6 am on a Sunday? Oh yeah, that was me...

Sunday morning, 6 am, the bikes are loaded and we're off.

Sunday morning, sometime after 7:30, and we're climbing.

As the fog burns away from the upper valley, and we keep climbing, a bunch of enormous tourists from the Midwest strain some balloons in the background.

If you look closely, you can see the matching "I love SF!" sweatshirts that the tourists are wearing.

Erosion damage (ruts) caused by years of wagon traffic. The poor rock will never recover.

Eric on a bonus line as the moon looks on.

More heinous erosion and more climbing.

A long shot of Paul against the morning sun.

Threading the needle.

Singletrack. Defined.

Still climbing into the morning sun. Kind of a "Where's Waldo?" picture.

As our arms and legs can attest, the singletrack can get a bit "tight" in many spots. Here you have to pick your line, put your face through the brush, and hope that you don't drop your front wheel to the right.

Paul from above.

Eric from below.

(insert caption here)

Another "Where's Walso?" with Paul in the upper right. We had arrived in the land of the cheese graters.

Technical climbing.

Spine line.

Deja vu.

More erosive nightmare riding.

The kids call him Manual.

The wheelie boys express their happiness in strange ways.

And finally a panorama of the part of the descent back to civilization.


Oat hill Road is an old mining road that climbs back into some seemingly remote
territory between Calistoga and Pope Valley/Butts Canyon. The "road" is splendidly technical and offers some fantastic views of the upper Napa valley.                

A view of The Pallisades from the valley floor:

Click on the image below for the BIG view of the Palisades in the Winter.

Click here for a much wetter Winter Panoramic:

Click on the image above for a WIDE view of the climb past the Pallisades.

This is a view from the Bald Hill area down into the valley. The vineyards on the left (under the fog) are the same vineyards pictured above.

Ok, enough play-by-play commentary, here's the rest of the pics:















oat hill