In the fall of 2005 I helped my dad bring his catamaran down to Cabo. It was a great trip, but a bit on the cold side, at least until we were a day out from Cabo.

Leaving San Diego

With the boat returning North sometime in April, we grabbed some cheap plane tickets to Cabo, rented a car to get us up to La Paz, stocked up on a few groceries, and headed off the coast for some harbor hopping around Isla Espiritu Santo y Isla Partida.

It was time for some warm weather and warm water.

We reached our first anchorage, caught some fish

puffer fish aka "rat of the sea"

...took in a great sunset

checked out the new moon

..and then barbequed some tasty Mexican steaks, marinated in Thai peanut sauce. Those were some seriously conflicted steaks.

Then a storm cropped up out of nowhere and we had thunder, lightning, rain, and 25+ knot winds. So I stood an anchor watch from 10:30 until 1am when it blew through. But I digress.

Another morning, another anchorage, crappy views.

Cacti, guano, eroded sandstone, what more could you want?

How about 30' visabilty because the water is so clear?

Isla gallo

It's the afternoon so that means a new anchorage I guess. Our own private cove since it's so narrow and a kind of tricky anchorage.

it's tough to get good crew (they are supposed to be stocking the cooler and swabbing the decks)

Early, early morning and a fishing boat is heading out, with a tanker just over the horizon (you can see the superstructure, but not the hull)

Mid-morning means a new anchorage.

Anchoring in 9 feet of water means nice shadows on the sea floor.

Fish being killed. I was in the dinghy, taking the previous shot with my short lens when the whole cove erupted in sound, like a hundred maracas being shaken at once. The noise was made by a huge school of fish repeatedly surfacing to escape a pack of large fish that was hunting them. The pelicans joined in a as well. One of the big fish can be seen "porpoising" in the middle of this cropped photo.

Got guano?

So, you can swim with the sea lions in Mexico. That pup came up to within a few inches of my buddy's mask and looked him in the eyes.

Another afternoon, another anchorage.

Sea snake? Loch Ness monster? Just the anchor chain.

The last afternoon in a bay that shoaled up so that the water was 2 feet deep hundreds of yards from shore.

Culture shock. In Cabo aka San Diego South before our flight home.