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solo ride

norcal at night (71 mb)


122mbs of Norcal Winter fun.

rockville, ca 42mb

grouse ridge

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crack -pacifica, california (38 mb)

rockville - rockville, california (75 mb)

the crack - pacifica, california (34 mb)

skyline -napa, california (114 mb)

butcher's ranch, 3rd divide - downieville, california (78 mb)

butcher's ranch, 3rd divide ,2nd divide, pauley creek- downieville, california (123 mb)

groovy gravity games - livermore, california (33 mb)

xmas valley - south lake tahoe, california (59 mb)

rockvile, california (97 mb)

mr. toad's wild ride - lake tahoe, california (72 mb)

groovy gravity games '04




oat hill

mt. elwell

bogg's mountain

groovy gravity games
a grassroots-style DH race put on by Team Wrong Way


downieville, ca

south lake

lake tahoe, ca


bogg's mountain

bogg's mountain