--NOTE: this page dates back 7+ years but it still makes me chuckle so it's staying around until I make a new version--

Welcome to the page that is all about my bikes.

This page is my version of the typical "glory" page that you see on many personal web sites.

What you will find here are some pictures of my bikes. What you won't find here are the "usual" pictures of immaculate bikes leaning against couches, leaning against garage doors, or propped up against a tree. You also won't find any exhaustive lists of bike components, or the excruciating details of my search for the perfect ferrules. Just some pics. That's all.

Click on the visible thumbs to see parts of my bikes "up close and personal." Click on the "another view" boxes to see the whole picture.

My old mountain bike.


My Cyclocross Bike.